Jacqui Gordon is an artist based in the western suburbs of what we call Melbourne. In her practice, she creates participatory performances along with a combination of sculpture, text and video, she examines the role of labour in our lives as artists and as people. Often, the type of labour we most perform makes up a large part of our identity as well as determining the ‘class’ we belong to. These systems of class are embedded in our cultural and educational institutions and create access barriers for those in the ‘wrong class’.


Jacqui’s work looks at contested Australian identities and the continuing impact of colonisation. In considering local histories and challenging dominant stories, Jacqui aims to contribute to the dismantling of the continued colonisation and class systems associated with Australian identity. Through changing the way that we use and think about these spaces, art can present a space of imagination and hope. 


Currently studying her Masters of Art in Public Spaces at RMIT having completed a Bachelor of Fine Art Honours at Monash University in 2014.